Avian Influenza - Impact and influence on Zoo Trade International imports/exports. March 23, 2007

European Commission has passed new animal health conditions to allow entry of non-fowl related birds into the European Union.

The important conditions that are relevant to Zoo Trade International future consignments are:

1. Birds entering European Commission must be closed banded (seamless ring) being bred at an approved breeding centre of the E.U. from the third countries.

2. Only if birds are intended for zoological, conservation, scientific or institutional studies, may they be of wild origin. Any use for commercial purposes does not exempt the birds in question from entering the E.U.

3. Approximately 10% or 10 birds of the consignments will be tested for Avian Influenza H5N series/strain virus’ prior to entry during quarantine in the third country. Upon arrival of the 30 day quarantine in the European communities’ quarantines, they will again be tested for H5N series/strain virus’.
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