European Commission Importation Ban - Impact and Influence on Canadian Market

A kind reminder, the prices viewed on our recent lists is a reflection of the support people all over the world have given the World Parrot Trust which is directly responsible for the Ban on commercial importation of wild birds into Europe. Many did not realize how doing so would affect our interests exponentially but now see this was for a good cause to some and will need to accept the negative properties that come with the positive outlook for the species in their endemic habitat.

Whether the birds being banned for importation are wild caught or captive bred, this has now put a restriction for availability of trade on even some of the most common species.

Apart from Zoo Trade International, all the importers in Canada buy directly from Europe primarily, the US being second. Now that European birdkeepers cannot obtain the normal selection of birds they have had until 9 months ago, European birdkeepers are becoming less likely to part with their birds for risk of not finding more or being able to replace them.

When introducing a factor this impactful, the market value in all these species rise. In turn, we as Canadian birdkeepers are going to see a rise in the market and pay more for our birds since our main source for birds' supply is less than the demand. This commodity value has already been a stable rising trend and shall continue for a few years.

If for example Gold-capped or Peach-fronted Conures are more than they used to be 5 years ago, it is simply because there is a substantial current shortage and a huge demand here in Canada; this factored in with the current situation in Europe, one can only do so much as to offer the birds at the best competitive price possible.

This said, it is only to keep in mind that the prices we quote is not influenced by us but by our suppliers. We look forward to further collaboration with you.

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