Products We Offer

Inca Incubators- We are proud to announce we are distributors of Inca Incubators. The finest appliance in incubation technology on the international market at +99% Hatch rate.

Aviaries Built to your Specifications- Custom Built Indoor-Outdoor Aviaries of highest quality aluminum tailored to your applications.

Amazon Seed Mix- More than 20 ingredients containing the most premium seed mix in Canada for your amazons health, stamina and reproductive well being.

To order the proceedings for "The IV International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity"; one of the most recent richest resources in aviculture and zoological publications; the ISBBC has the Proceedings manual now available for purchase. This publication contains 500 pages of every manuscript provided from all the international speakers present at the symposium. Please visit under the heading "Proceedings" on the left column to purchase online.

Tropical Trees, Bamboos, Flowers- Some of the most sought after botanical wonders cultivated and offered by us directly to you.

Loro Parque Fundacion- Saving wildlife and habitats.

A.A.C.C. - Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada

Healthgene Laboratories - Accurate Avian DNA Testing

Birdlife International

U.S.F.W.S. - Wild Bird Conservation Act

European Commission - Import Ban on Avian Influenza H5N1

Importing & Exporting Birds from Australia - Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act

Festival of Northern Lights

The Bruce Trail Conservancy

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