News & Updates

Breeding success for one of the rarest birds in Canada, first Toucans bred in Meaford, Ontario. - Canada First Breeding. August 23, 2010

Job Opportunity for St. Vincent Birdpark - Now hiring Assistant Curator for St. Vincent Birdpark. December 8, 2009

European Commission Importation Ban - Impact and Influence on Canadian Market. December 13, 2007

Avian Influenza impact on International Trade - Impact and influence on Zoo Trade International imports/exports. March 23, 2007

St. Vincent Bird Park - Opening April 18, 2013. Come visit our newest treasure chest of the most comprehensive collection of parrots in Canada. Representing families of birds from all around the world nestled in the oxygen rich forests of Meaford, Ontario.

To order the proceedings for "The IV International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity"; one of the most recent richest resources in aviculture and zoological publications; the ISBBC has the Proceedings manual now available for purchase. This publication contains 500 pages of every manuscript provided from all the international speakers present at the symposium. Please visit under the heading "Proceedings" on the left column to purchase online.

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