Genus Amazona This encyclopaedia will be the most comprehensive book ever written on amazon parrots. It will be covering all aspects revolving this endearing family of birds including, husbandry, breeding techniques, reproduction, housing, care, diet, natural habitat and range, all encapsulated in this one magnificent publication. This project commenced mid-2000; estimated completion date in fall/winter of 2009.

Avian Genome Project - University of Guelph. Longo's Aviaries Inc. is one of the major collaborators with the Avian Genome Project collecting samples from hundreds of species of birds unable to be found anywhere else in Canada. This is an ongoing globally recognized project being organized by the Gregory Lab with the University of Guelph.

Please view some photographs of a typical day collecting samples from our breeding centre.


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TVO Kids Series - Critter Corner - Birds - 15 segments (March 13, 2006)

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