Ordering your bird from Longo's Aviaries

Only birds that are completely weaned leave our facilities. This has been our policy since 1999.

It is our responsibility, both to the birds and to our clientele to ensure sure that a baby bird is eating well on its own before leaving our facility. Weaned birds bond to their new owners rapidly. It is a misnomer that you must hand-feed a baby for it to bond to you, these are unfit reasons from breeders who wish to leave this responsibility to the new owner to save time and work from their operation and ultimately to not guarantee the health of their birds. The weaning period is very stressful for the young and it is much better off to be in the hands of professionals at this critical time. Buying an un-weaned bird is extremely risky and has no benefit to the purchaser but their own self interest. By Longo's Aviaries weaning the babies we sell, we can confidently offer our comprehensive 90 Day Health guarantee.

Reserving your bird(s) with deposit

An existing or future egg can be reserved with a 25% deposit and the baby hatched from this egg will be sold completely weaned. When reserving an egg, you are not reserving a specific egg, but actually the next available baby. If an egg does not hatch, this does not influence your order. A specific baby that has already been hatched may be reserved with a 50% deposit. Once we have received a deposit and assign a bird to your order, it is no longer available on the market and exclusively yours.

There are no refunds once you have placed an order with us for a specific existing baby, only deposits on waiting lists for future eggs are refundable/transferable).

Please be certain you are prepared for your choice before you submit your deposit.

Once a baby bird is completely weaned, we will make arrangements to ship/deliver the bird to the buyer as soon as possible. If the buyer requests that we keep a baby here past weaning, a charge of $5.00 per bird per day boarding charge will be assessed until the arranged date of shipment. If weather is a factor in delaying delivery, there will be no additional fees for caring/boarding.

When acquiring birds anywhere across the country, the general rule, buyer pays shipping.

Forms of Payment

Direct Deposit bank transfers (we will send our bank particulars upon request), Certified Cheque, Money Orders, Cash or Paypal. We do not accept personal checks.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

We reserve the right to refuse/cancel a sale.

Please do not ask for discounts, we have high traffic rates and if you are not interested in the quotations listed, the party that calls the next day will be; our prices are not negotiable.

We are not responsible for any airfreight charges or veterinary charges after birds leave our facility.

Please put a relevant topic in the subject heading when sending us an email. "Hello" or "Good day" is not a relevant topic, the filters in our inbox will classify this as junk mail.

Birds displaying ill symptoms after leaving our possession should be physically seen by a qualified (board certified) avian veterinarian immediately.

We offer support after the sale of our babies

We are happy to answer any question about the bird at any time after sale. We regret that we cannot answer questions regarding illness, breeding, behavior etc. of birds not from our facility due to time loss constraints from our production. Joining a specialty e-mailing list through Yahoogroups - (www.Yahoogroups.com) to answer your questions will find faster results.

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