Welcome to Longo's Aviaries where our primary goals are for conservation and captive propagation. Please click here to view the world clock countdown at the bottom of this page.

In 1995 I made a life long decision that there was a need for an institution that could focus on these goals which once began in Mississauga, Ontario to study breeding techniques and how photoperiods and temperature fluctuations influence captive breeding habits and natural habitat design.

Due to the more common species having enough data to sustain successful breeding in captivity, our dedication here is on more rare and endangered species that need assistance in the areas of reproduction. For these mentioned reasons and also being coerced to learn about disease management we are converting our facility to a world class birdpark. This facility will embody the latest techniques of avian husbandry and captive management.

As we evolved during obtaining new specimens to add to our collection, we have built a very good cooperation with over 50 countries and still continues to increase today. We also assist other aviculturists and zoological institutions to find more difficult to locate specimens. During this time we saw a need and demand for this as well and have also created a zoological trade agency to service the public and private zoological institutions and collectors. This has inherently been designated the name Zoo Trade International.

We currently house over 100 pairs of large parrots and the numbers continue to increase with other interesting specimens continually introduced to our collection. To find out more about this, you can go to the Current Breeding Stock section of our website.

Also is the newest program that we are currently designing is the E.E.P. better recognized as the Environmental Enrichment Program. This has been implemented to help prevent behaviours that develop out of boredom and lack of activities in captive situations.

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